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Folding partition or folding door
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26 Dec 2019
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Accepting orders for aluminum folding doors, frameless doors, aluminum partition, Partition fittings tempered glass, laminate glass partition, aluminum frame glass partition, aluminum partition sparel, frameless

Aluminum folding doors had been designed to be able to share a room that is too wide, but later can be opened at any time if there is a specific purpose. The advantages of this type of door was in accordance with the way it works that can provide multipurpose functions for the two spaces divided by screens that will be opened anytime. Of materials that use aluminum, aluminum folding glass door will be more durable, anti-corrosion, minimal maintenance, rust-resistant, and termite. Nevertheless, the aesthetic value offered by this type of door is maximized.

Tag: Sliding Partition, Room Divider, Folding Door, Partition Door, Room Partition Door

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