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27 Dec 2019
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Our distributor and supplier supply and install the Folding Door Aluminium and aluminum windows serve pememsanan holidays in Indonesia

The door is one component of which must belong to every home as a place where the entry and exit of the occupants of the house. This is what makes us each day to meet with the object called door. In addition, the door also serves to protect the occupants and objects in the house. The door became important objects encountered by guests who visited our home. This makes many homeowners want the design of the door is made as attractive as possible. But on the other hand, there are homeowners who are not too concerned the design of the door.

but if the homeowner wants to have a door that looks elegant and robust aluminum door panels are suitable to be applied dibangunan you, Many do not know what exactly the aluminum door panels? indeed for many today still lay on the aluminum door panels caused not because they do not care or they do not want to know, much has been said that if you use aluminum door panels would make the room more beautiful and attractive house. especially the toilet and other rooms. because usually aluminum door panels in pairs on parts like that, well on this occasion I would like to give an insight into some kind of aluminum door panels that may present you do not know and want to know about some types of aluminum door panels.

Aluminium doors:
There are two types, namely Aluminum Door Aluminum Door Slide and Swing.
Slide Aluminum Door price equal to the price Aluminum Door Swing

Aluminum doors calculations are per unit and include the following:
- Frame aluminum doors (Material Swing door profiles)
- Door Locks standard aluminum (Type 8128 or Type 5128 dekson Alpha)
- Handel standard aluminum (Vebtuk box of aluminum)
- The hinge 4 inch standard (Stainless brand alpha)

Aluminum window
There are two types, namely Window Slide and Swing Window
Slide window is calculated per piece with a standard size of 120 (H) x 60 (L), is included aksessories
Swing window alumnium, commonly called window Cassement
Apiece calculated by standard size 120 (H) x 60 (L) and can also be a way of calculation meter run as the calculation of the above frame

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