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Toilet Cubicle partitions The Practical And Efficient
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26 Dec 2019
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At toilet public buildings such as malls and office buildings generally use a toilet cubicle partitions as a barrier between the toilet unit. One of the advantages of the use of a toilet cubicle partitions is does not take place (space efficiency) and have a nice aesthetic value in terms of architecture. Besides a toilet cubicle partitions will ease the burden of building structures, because the load partition lighter when compared to conventional systems using a pair of brick wall.

In general excellence toilet cubicle partitions are as follows:

    The efficiency of the existing space because it saves space.
    Can flexibly adjust to the desired layout toilet and pedestal height can also be adjusted.
    Easy and fast installation.
    Hardware of nylon or some quality stainless steel.
    An elegant appearance in terms of architecture.

Panels of material, there are several kinds of toilet cubicle partitions are sorted from the price of the least expensive to the most economical as follows: Glass Cubicle Toilet, Phenolic Cubicle Toilet, GRC Toilet Cubicle Toilet, Wooden Toilet Cubicle, PVC Cubicle Toilet

Installation of a toilet cubicle partitions are usually carried out after finishing work such as architectural toilet floor coverings and wall coverings, as well as sanitary has been installed so that the installation can be done in a more precise and neat results.

Toilet cubicle partitions consists of two components, namely the partition panels and hardware. While the partition panel consists of two kinds of divider panels on the side of the barrier and frontal panel on the side of the face including pintunya.Untuk calculate the volume of a toilet cubicle partitions there are two ways in units (by counting the number closetnya) and in units m2 for each frontal panel and divider. But usually from a supplier / specialist cubicle partitions directly present the calculations in units m2 total area of ​​the cubicle.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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