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Cubicle partitions Glass System
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27 Dec 2019
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Providing cubical partition Glass System which is used for glass partitions The washroom / Toilet accept reservations manufacture and installation of a toilet cubicle partitions in Indonesia over the size and particular model.

That is the most exclusive toilet doors and partitions made of glass. Some types of glass that we produce to customer order, among other things:

1. Clear Tempered Glass coated with a sticker / film motif or color choice is very varied. Goals / main function in the installation stickers / films on glass partition toilet is so opaque and the other functions in the installation stickers / films is to provide space for the customer / architect to express the beauty of the toilet itself. we have a wide collection of movies motif glass / glass sticker which is very comprehensive which can be selected for interior design combined with a toilet that is being built.

2. Laminated Glass, type of toilet that is applied to the laminated glass is very exlusife toilet and elegant, because the film installed between two sheets of glass laminated glass, toilet will always appear clean and easy to clean.

3. Ceramic Glass, tempered plain glass ceramic processed and finished with color digital printing.

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