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kubikal Toilet
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27 Dec 2019
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Kubikal Toilet (a toilet cubicle Jakarta), We are Applicator material pvc panel that worked on the installation of cubicle pvc, doors pvc etc., also sells materials pvc panel for suppliers and public, we provide products that are known and quality and provide the best service for you and us ready to serve orders large and small parties from all over Indonesia.

Pvc toilet partitions which we sell using pvc panel material as the sealing panel with hollo aluminum as its pillar. There are many color variations pvc panels with soft colors. Partition toilet with pvc material is suitable for public toilets such as building schools, markets, Terminal, Factory, Mess employees, Boarding House, house of worship, Rest area gas stations, gymnasium and others where budgets installation more economical than the toilets that use materials other.

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