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27 Dec 2019
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Wooden partitions, as the name "Wooden" partition of this type is made of 18mm multiplex finishing with HPL (High Pressure Laminate) very diverse styles and motives. Although made of wood, this partition remains waterproof because covered with HPL, despite that the toilet is not intended as a kind of wet toilet. Suitable for application in malls, offices, entertainment venues, hotels because it makes the toilet look more presentable and elegant.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) that is laminated with high pressure which is one of the finishing materials commonly used in furniture and interior surfaces. It works better as a surface cover for cabintets, table, kitchen sets, interior decoration, etc. rising costs and shortage of supply of real wood, along with the increasing demand from environmentally friendly materials have made HPL as one of the most popular finshing materials to furniture and interior decoration products.
HPL (high pressure laminated) is the final layer or finishing of various items of furniture made of thin plastic that end - the end being very familiar and quite attract the world of furniture, especially for furniture made of multiplex which usually finishing / coating the outermost using materials plywood complexion (teak, Sungkai, mahogany, megateak, nyatoh) is now slowly and surely becoming obsolete.

Changes treatment is usually still require treatment melamine / Duco which in terms of cost and time very much difference, HPL is more practical, faster and cheaper therefore the impact of reduced sales turnover finishing materials followed a rise in unemployment by workers finishing during this hang the work in this sector.

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