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We sell and service the manufacture and installation of Aluminum frames, Aluminum Window, Door Aluminium, Tempered Glass Door, Partition Glass Shower Door, Door Toilet, Vertical Blind, Wallpaper, Partition Gypsump.

We serve Sales, Installation and Service Frame / Aluminum Partition with Economic Price, Competitive, Artistic and warranty.

By using various brand Basic Materials, Color and Size (Demand / Specification) is suitable for;

~ Home
~ Office (office, building)
~ Show Room
~ Factory

A. Calculation Aluminum frames

Aluminum frame Column = 2.60 mx 4 stalk = 10.4 ml (meter run)
Aluminum frame Threshold = 3.01 mx 2 stalk = 6.02 ml (meter run)
Aluminum frame Threshold = 1,055 mx 2 stalk = 2.1 ml (meter run)
The total volume of aluminum frames = 18:52 ml

B. Details of Calculation of Glass

Glass is calculated by multiplying height and width, as follows:
Glass volume = 3.01 x 2.6 m2 = 7083 m2 (square meters)

C. Door = 1 Set

From the new data they will step into the price calculation.

Before we calculate the price, should we have to choose the color of the aluminum frame and glass color.
Because different colors and jenisnya..beda price is.

Standard aluminum color (anodised):

~ Black (Black), Brown (Dark Brown), Silver (CA -Netral)

Aluminum brown color is the same as the price of aluminum in black, brown and black color aluminum is more expensive than aluminum silver

enis or Aluminium Brand

Order by Price follows :( Expensive> cheapest)

1. YKK

2. Alcan

3. Supereks; Indal

4. Aleksindo

5. Alco; Alcomeks; Aluprima

Glass Order by Type, as follows:

1. Tempered Glass

2. Glass Ordinary

Order by the glass color is as follows:

1. One way (From inside could see out, from the outside can not see into)

2. Reflective stofsoll

The thicker the glass, the price is more expensive

Glass Order by His brand as follows:

1. Glass Brand Asahimass

2. Glass Brand Noble

3. Glass Other brands

3. Color regular (Blue, Green, Grey)

4. Dark Grey (dark Rib)

5. Plain / Transparent / Clear

Aluminium doors:

Doors aluminiumadalah calculations per unit / per set and includes the following:

- Frame aluminum doors (Material Swing door profiles)

- Door Locks standard aluminum (Type 8128 or Type 5128 dekson Alpha)

- Handel standard aluminum (Vebtuk box of aluminum)

- The hinge 4 inch standard (Stainless brand alpha)

Aluminum window

There are two types, namely Window Slide and Swing Window

Slide window is calculated per piece with a standard size of 120 (H) x 60 (L), inclusive of accessories

Swing window alumnium, usually often disebutjendela Cassement

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