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Tempered Glass
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27 Dec 2019
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Specification of

Tempered glass is glass that is hardened by heating ordinary float glass until it reaches a temperature of about 700 * C and then suddenly cooled by air spraying evenly on both surfaces of the glass. From this process, the physical changes mirror that changes the compressive force and tensile force on the glass, but visually there was no change.

A. General characteristics.

1. High Strength
Tempered glass has a deflection resistance and a loud banging 3-5 times stronger than float glass with the same thickness.

2. Resistance to temperature changes
Tempered glass has a resistance to temperature changes is approximately 3-5 more resistant than ordinary float glass.

3. Broken glass in the form of particles and blunt so safe
Small shaped tempered glass shards are small and not as usual blunt fragments very pointy and sharp so it is not safe.

B. Usage

Doors free door frame (frameless tempered glass doors).
Aperture opening / glass walls in buildings that require a high level of security.
Glass wall boundary stairs, escalators and elevators.
Furniture and decorations, such as desks, cabinets etc.
Glass windscreens of motor vehicles.
The use of other uses that require the power of special glass, such as for wall squash courts and others.
C. Notes

Because of tempered glass has a very good balance between the compressive stress with its voltage, then tempered glass should not be disturbed by further processes that can jeopardize that balance, such as cutting, polishing the edges, making the hole, and another Iain.
All sizes and types of accessories must already be determined with certainty, before processed tempered glass.
Tempered glass is hard to crack by minor collisions, but it will be broken by deep scratches. In this case indirectly tempered glass breaks, but gradually definitely broken.
Tempered glass is not unbreakable. Be careful with serious damage to the edge or surface of the glass as it will be a source of breakage.
If the glass is tempered clash resulting in breakage point will move over the surfaces of the glass and break the glass. In this case the tempered glass does not immediately collapse suddenly.



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