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Aluminum Frames
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26 Dec 2019
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Aluminum door sills and is currently to be excellent, especially in the elite housing with a minimalist model and a high level of security. According to the authors, there are several reasons that make someone uses aluminum frames and doors for residential houses.

The shape and texture of the elegant and sure to impress straight minimalist and luxurious attached to the frame and aluminum doors.
Scarcity of raw materials for making frames and doors quality. Besides, the use of materials auminium more durable and durable, termite and rotting due to splash water and high humidity.
Easy maintenance and does not need repainting or anointing him with camphor.
Besides some of the above advantages, the use of aluminum doors also have drawbacks in terms of safety, especially if the quality of the aluminum used Yag low or thin, easily dismantled parties are not responsible. Besides, the color is monotonous (generally only gray metallic) sometimes boring and no color variations like frames and wooden doors can be painted with a variety of color options.

Installing Aluminum frames

When we make a new home, the start laying bricks for the walls here while in the set and determined the position of doors and window frames. With reference to the image of the building plan, see a variety of frame sizes that will be installed.

In stark contrast to the wooden frame installation techniques performed in conjunction with the installation of brick so it has good adhesion. Besides the wood more resistant to scratches sharp objects or blows. If there is any damage can be repaired by menampalnya using wood filler or wood putty.

As for how to install the door frame and aluminum window frames need special attention and installed after all sections neatly plastered walls, because the surface of the frame is not resistant to scratches or similar sharp objects blow hard objects.

Here's how to easily set up an aluminum frame

  •     Make sure all the walls have been plastered with neat houses, and perpendicular (lot).
  •     Measure the width and height aluminum frame, mark each hole with different frames, such as frames A1 to A1 marked for pit frame front, and so on.
  •     Plaster the inside of the pit is provided for frames, adjust the size of each frame that have been marked or code. Plastering should be neat and straight, if necessary polished shaft so that it looks symmetrical. Give leeway level stucco to facilitate the entry sills of about 0.5 cm.
  •     Let all the plaster on the inner side sills holes to dry.
  •     If all the holes have been prepared, the aluminum frame can be fitted.
  •     Prepare equipment such as an iron hammer, drill, screwdriver, and iron thin planner.
  •     Prepare frame, place in accordance with the code or signs that have been made.
  •     Make a hole for the screw on the side wall of the fischer, also mark the point on the door frame or window. The depth of the hole should be equal to the length fischer.
  •     Enter from the right or left direction. Make a hole in the frame that coincides with earlier fisher and insert the screws, tighten using a screwdriver. Then cover with a rubber cover, so that the screws are not visible. Cut and trim rubber flap using a blade cutter (cutter).
  •     If the sills are finished, and installing doors and windows.
  •     Replace all the hinges and lock. It is quite easy because the doors and windows have typically been made such that it has a fairly high degree of accuracy with a ledge.



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